Interior Designer & Decorator

Victoria received a professional art education, graduating with honors from the Moscow State Academy of Social and Cultural Service and Applied Arts, as well as the Academic School of Design and the School of Interior Design "Details" in Moscow.

After many years of creative work in fashion and beauty industry, Victoria began her career in the world of interior design. Since 2010, she has been successfully involved in private and public projects.

Since 2012, Victoria starts teaching at the School-studio "Details" and Art-School "Details", presenting her lectures and master classes on interior design around Moscow and other cities.

An individual approach to the interests of her clients and harmony, achieved by the balance between beauty and comfort, are the basic principles of Victoria's work.

Sophisticated taste, artistic intuition and rich experience allow her to easily create in any style - from classics to modern eclecticism.

She creates convenient planning variations for life, filling them with an exquisite combination of fabrics, accessories, furniture and art objects.

For each single project , in cooperation with a team of professionals in the production of carpentry and textiles, art glass, metal, flooring and products from natural stone , Victoria develops solutions, controlling the process of implementing the idea.

The result of this approach is a high quality of completed projects and their inimitable style, which appreciates for many years.